Tuesday, 20 November 2018

November Favourites 2018 | 3 New Beauty Products To Upgrade Your November

My November Favourites

1. Bag

My current obsession, Le Parmentier New Ondina Bag in Caramel Saffron! 
I love the gorgeous shape and the modern silhouette of this bag. 
Loving the color combination with chic fall vibes!
The feminine top handle style is such a classic wardrobe staple, 
not forgetting the leather and pop of gold hardware that makes a statement.

2. Skincare

I’m constantly trying to learn more about the Korean skincare, 
from the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine to Skip-Care.
I love Althea Bare Essentials because this range emphasizes on 
the most basic essential step with great moisturizing effect.

3. Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask is a beauty staple to provide an instant fix for your skin. 
I've been using Jayeon Sheet Masks lately and I love their Aloe Hydrating Mask
Besides soften, moisturizes and quickly helps to soothe my skin troubles, 
it also simply helps to enhance my skin texture. 
I also love Madeca Derma Acne Rescue which is great in treating breakouts.


Monthly Favourites:

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