Saturday 3 November 2018

ALTHEA Bare Essentials Set Review | Skip-Care Korean Skincare Trend | Minimalist Korean Skincare Routine

Tired of complicated skincare steps?

Lately, Korean millennials are into a new skincare trend known as "Skip-Care", 
aimed for a simpler yet proper skincare routine, which is all about reducing the number of 
steps in your routine by using multi-tasking products that answer to all your skincare needs.

Althea Exclusives, designed and made in Korea 
from Petal Velvet Powders, Petal Velvet Sunaway, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer 
to Milk Peel Cream Mask.

Back to the basics with a solid minimal routine of only 3 essential steps 
with Althea Korea new skincare line Bare Essentials!
This range simplifies the usual Korean Skincare Routine for the urban woman.

Bare Essentials emphasize on the most basic essential step with nourishing ingredients 
and easy execution. This range is a 3-STEP skincare with great moisturizing effect.

Contour Cleanser (Cleansing)

A rich foaming cleanser with a thick and creamy texture.
I love how it able to cleanse and exfoliate gently 
at the same time as the cleanser contains micro capsules in it.
Gentle on skin and it lathers well too without making your skin feel tight and dry.

Primer Water (Toning)

This toner is very nourishing, able to restore moisture.
I love its slightly balm-like texture. Quick absorbing and 
it preps the skin well, soften skin and smooths out unevenness.

Fixer Cream (Moisturizing)

Not only nourishing, it's also good at soothing skin.
I love how soothing and moisturizing the cream is.
It helps my makeup application much smoother.
The finish is not sticky but if you apply double layer, you will feel a bit oily.

You can get it from Althea Korea and 
enjoy additional 10% off with a FREE Special Edition Mirror!

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