Friday 9 November 2018

K-BEAUTY: The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine | Your Korean Beauty Skincare Masterclass

K-Beauty has taken over the world by storm, with sought-after tips, products, and trends 
in the K-Beauty world. They introduced the 10-step skincare routine to the world, 
basically it's the secret to getting a radiant glow complexion or glass skin.

1. Makeup Remover

The most important step is to remove your makeup and clean your face thoroughly using
a makeup remover to make sure it's all off. Oil cleanser is the base of Korean skincare routine. 
La Palette Floral Peace Cleansing Oil and Dear Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil 
help in cleansing and drawing out oil-based impurities like sebum, sunscreen and makeup.
A quick way to clean off all your makeup residue, dirt and oil, after a long tiring day, is to use
 CelebFace Sparkling Cleanser. This is a Korean brand and it is able to melt your makeup
away in only 10 seconds. Remember to use an eye makeup remover for your eye area.

2. Cleanser

The second step is double cleansing by using water-based cleansers
Cleansing twice clean much deeper into the pores as it helps to thoroughly remove 
any impurities that can cause breakouts. Water-based cleanser like Nature Key 
Aloe Vera Facial Foam Cleanser removes water-based impurities like dirt and sweat. 

3. Exfoliator 

A good facial exfoliator is essential that we should exfoliate at least twice a week to slough off 
dead skin cells, unclog pores, smooth out skin and help your skincare products absorb better. 
Check out St.Ives Face Scrub series! You may also try out peeling gels which is more gentle.

4. Toner

After the cleansing routine, prep your skin with a toner to balance moisture and the 
skin's pH level. This is to allow skin to effectively absorb the next step that follow.

5. Essence

One of the K-Beauty staples, essence provides the most nutrients to your skin, 
packed with hydrating, anti-aging and complexion-enhancing ingredients, 
nourishes and hydrates your skin. Check our IOPE Whitegen Dual Essence!

6. Treatments

This step is to treat your skin concerns where you may opt for skin perfectors 
such as boosters, serums and ampoules depending on your skin. 
They target specific skin concerns and treat problem areas like acne and fine lines.
Lapothicell A.C. Daily Calming Peeling Booster resolves various skin concerns, 
including dead skin cells, uneven skin, blackheads, whiteheads, acne and sebum.
Check out IOPE Hyaluronic Serum too!

7. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are another K-Beauty staple for their great ability in hydrating, soothing and 
brightening our complexions in mere minutes. Sheet masks allow the skin to fully absorb 
the nutrients and moisture when the sheet is in prolonged contact with your face. 
These are some of my favourite sheet masks: WHEN Premium Bio-Cellulose,  

8. Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on your face where special care 
is needed. We always tend to skip this most important step. Eye creams are formulated to 
be extra gentle and they are essential in hydrating, preventing dark circles and puffiness. 

9. Moisturizer 

After layering with all the essences, you have to seal it all in with a hydrating overnight pack.
Moisturizers come in many forms such as emulsion, lotion, cream, gel 
and sleeping mask which helps to seal in moisture to plump and smooth skin. 

10. Sunscreen

You should always wear sunscreen even you're indoors to shield your skin from UV rays.

If you're tired of complicated and long skincare steps,
check out the new "Skip-Care" trend here.

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