Sunday 31 May 2020

May Favourites 2020 | 3 New Beauty Products To Upgrade Your May

My May Favourites

1. Fragrance

Meet Shock-In-Scent by Police, ultraviolet finished with iconic metallic studs. 
Love its sweet, sensual scent with hints of soft feminine florals and juicy, refreshing fruits.

2. Blusher

Natural Cheek N is one of Cezanne's best seller collection that sold over 13 million pieces
 since 2001! Now they came out with a blooming rose colour that suits all seasons, 
#16 Cassis Rose, a single colour powder type formula with a natural finish.


3. Skincare 

Miniel Skinlab Hydraque Boost Serum hydrates and promotes skin regeneration. I like how it 
 manages to revitalise, hydrate and revive dull looking skin from the inside out for smoother, softer, 
younger-looking skin. It absorbs fast and penetrates well into my skin with a very lightweight texture.


Monthly Favourites:
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