Friday, 26 June 2020

June Favourites 2020 | 3 New Beauty Products To Upgrade Your June

My June Favourites

1. Watch

I always love the minimalist elegant style and sleek design of Daniel Wellington's Classic Petite
 series especially the blend of white and rose gold because it's feminine and surprisingly versatile.
 The warm color combination compliments my skin tone well and gives a feeling of glamour.

2. Sheet Mask

A'bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet purifies and soothes irritated skin.
It also helps to regulate oil, balance moisture, control blemishes while soothing
and purifying, leaving soft healthy complexion. Their Fruit Sheet Mask is
available in 4 fruity flavors. Check out more about Althea's A'bloom here!

3. Tone Up Cream

Natural Derma Project Vitamin B9 Tone Up Cream, a moist and glowing day cream
that can be used as a makeup base, primer, and tone-corrector. I love how the dullness
of my skin disappears so naturally with moist finish. It also naturally covers blemish
while keeping skin hydrated. Not to mention, its immediate tone up effect is great!


Monthly Favourites:
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Monday, 8 June 2020

MELIX Spring Shower Shampoo & Conditioner, Organic Argan Serum, Apple Stem Cell Tonic Review | How To Maintain Healthy Hair | MELIX 春沐髮浴髮膜, 有機摩洛哥堅果精華髮油, 蘋果乾細胞頭皮滋養液開箱使用心得

We all love those days when our hair is silky smooth, healthy and manageable
 yet it is always a challenge to maintain it. Thus, investing in a good hair care
 regimen is a definite in maintaining hair growth and a healthy scalp. Using the
right products will change your daily hair frustrations and all for the positive!

Lately, I came across a scalp care brand, Melix. I have been using their Spring Shower 
range for some time which is suitable for fragile hair, dry and sensitive scalp. It works
surprisingly great in moisturizing and nourishing which is good for dry hair like mine.

 Melix Spring Shower Range

Melix Spring Shower range is suitable for fragile hair, dry and sensitive scalp.

 Melix Spring Shower Shampoo

Melix Spring Shower Shampoo cleanses the sebum on scalp and hair, moistures and replenishes
the hair and scalp with plant oil, such as Avocado, Jojoba and Soya. It also helps to strengthen
the hair structure, reduce hair breakage, flakiness and protect hair from chemical damaged.

The shampoo is really concentrate and rich with a nice elegant scent of Sakura spring
blossom. It has a transparent gel base texture. I like how it cleanses well with nice smell!

Rinse the hair. Apply the shampoo on scalp and hair, and then rinse off.

Melix Spring Shower Conditioner

Conditioner should be applied only to the ends of your hair. Melix Spring Shower Conditioner 
 special formulation, no silicone features allow the conditioner to be applied on scalp directly.
 This is because it does not contain silicone that lead to scalp follicles blocked. It enriches with
plant oil, like Macadamia Seed, Soybean, Avocado and Jojoba, to nourish dry scalp and frizzy
 hair. It can moisture the dehydrate scalp, remove the odor and help in scalp blood circulation.

It has a white creamy base texture and a nice relaxing scent.
Love how it makes my hair smooth with pleasant Sakura smell!

It can also be used as an intensive hair treatment.

After shampoo, apply the conditioner on scalp and hair.
Leave on up to two minutes. Rinse off.

Melix Organic Argan Serum

Hair Serums are one of the most essential hair care products to use after a wash.

Melix Organic Argan Serum is specially formulated for all hair type,
protect and rehabilitate hair fibers, prevent split ends and untangles knots.

 Enriched with organic Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil
containing Omega 3, 6 & 9 to provide softness, elasticity, gloss and shine to the hair.

This easily-absorbed serum has a lightweight oil that adds a glossy effect to your hair
without weighing them down. It can be used as a leave-in serum for towel-dried hair to
protect them from the after-effects of heat styling, and also as a finishing serum to tame frizz.

I like how it helps to repair, moisturize and provide
natural shine on your hair without any stickiness or oiliness.

Put desire amount on palm, rub the palm to heat the serum,
apply to dry or moist hair, rake it through the hair evenly. Do not rinse.

Melix Apple Stem Cell Tonic

A natural hair growth tonic specially formulated with Apple Stem Cell that is
extracted from patented technology in order to promote healthy hair growth and
maintain hair volume. It contains active ingredients that helps in scalp soothing,
restore while reduce hair problems such as hair falls, oiliness and sensitive scalp.

It has a refreshing mint scent with a cooling sensation. I love the refreshing
cool feeling to the scalp! Suitable for hair loss, aging scalp and sensitive scalp user.

Apply once a day onto scalp after towel dry hair.
Massage the scalp gently. Totally dry the hair and scalp.

With the daily abuse hair takes from blow dryers and curling irons, my hair tends to
become more frizzy and brittle over time with dry ends. After trying on my own, my
hair felt much healthier, smoother and I totally love how weightless and oil-free it makes
my hair feel! I like how it improves my hair condition, most importantly, lesser hair falls!
Not forgetting its nice and blossoming Sakura scent! Perfect for dry, frizzy and damaged hair!

 Get yours HERE

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All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal experiences and preferences. 
Results may vary on different person.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

SUDIO Sweden ETT True Wireless Earphones (Review + Discount Code)

SUDIO ETT, newly-launched true-wireless earphones collection featuring active
noise cancelling (ANC), transparency mode, USB-C charging, IPX 5 water protection:
splash, rain, sweat-proof, as well as a portable charging case with a total up to 30 hours
of battery life, making it as one of your alternative choice to Apple AirPods Pro earphones.

Sudio ETT comes in 4 different colors: Black, White, Pink, Green

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Also, check out more Sudio's collection here, here & here!

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