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K-BEAUTY: "SKIP-CARE" Is The New K-Beauty Trend You're About To See Everywhere | Minimalist Korean Skincare Trend | Laneige Cream Skin Refiner

K-Beauty has taken over the world by storm, from cushion compacts, essences and sheet masks. 
A 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine was introduced to the world, 
the secret to getting a healthy glow complexion, glass skin or honey skin.

Lately, Korean millennials are into a new skincare trend known as "Skip-Care", 
aimed for a simpler yet proper skincare routine, which is all about reducing the number of 
 steps in your routine by using multi-tasking products that answer to all your skincare needs.
In other words, Skip-Care is about using products that cover multiple benefits 
and using fewer products without sacrificing the results.

If you're tired of long and complicated skincare steps,
you can try out this new minimalist skincare trend.
Here are some Korean "Skip-Care" products you can try!

1. LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner

Laneige Korea writes new beauty rule by keeping it simple this time. 
They introduced a new minimal line, Cream Skin Refiner, aimed to reduce your skincare steps. 
It's a new toner-moisturizer hybrid product with a mild formula containing essential ingredients 
for moisturizing, allowing them to skip moisturizer while still keeping the skin hydrated.

2. HYGGEE All-In-One Set

Hyggee All-In-One Set allows you to simplify your skincare routine with their 
One Step Facial Essence, combining 4 skincare in one, Toner, Lotion, Serum and Cream. 
This all-in-one essence boosts skin moisture retention, perfect for urban woman! 
This set also comes with Moisturuzing H2 Soap and Essence Mist.

3. ALTHEA Bare Essentials Set

Althea introduced a solid minimal routine of only 3 essential steps with great moisturizing effect.
Bare Essentials simplify the usual Korean Skincare Routine for the urban woman by emphasizing 
on the most basic essential step with nourishing ingredients and easy execution.

4. LAPOTHICELL Acne Daily Calming Set
a multi-solution toner and essence resolves various skin concerns, including dead skin cells, 
uneven skin, blackheads, whiteheads, acne and sebum for a smoother skin texture. 
This acne daily calming set comes with a lightweight moisturizer.

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