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KOCOSTAR Nail & Hand Care Series Review | Nail Art Starter, 5Finger Nail, Hand Moisture Pack

I am back with another review of KOCOSTAR!

This time, it's about Nail and Hand Care Series!!

A little intro about KOCOSTAR
a Korean beauty brand that specializes in masks from hair to toes 
like a salon treatment in your own home.
Now, it finally arrives at Malaysia and 
is available across all Sephora outlets nationwide.


It's time to give your hands a break with KOCOSTAR Hand Moisture Pack!

Hand Moisture Pack is a moisturizing and nourishing hand treatment 
to help replenish dry and overworked hands.

This hand mask contains rich moisturizing serum
involves a variety of nutritional plant extract 
which is great for skin care!
It delivers nutrition and improves skin condition.

It's very easy to use and convenient to travel around.
I use this whenever my hands feel dehydrated and rough.
It's really soothing and hydrating leaving my skin soft and moisturized.

Just wear a glove and wait for 20 minutes!
As simple as that!!
No rinsing is required.

2_model part


RM 18 per piece


How to care for your damaged nails?
Splitting and Peeling Nails... 
Our nails get damaged mainly by excessive nail art without letting our nails breathe.

5Finger Nail Pack is a soothing nail treatment of vitamins 
to moisturize and strengthen nails against peeling and splitting.

It's like individual sheet masks for each of your fingers!!
It really helps as it repairs my stressed nails with healthier looking.

2_model part


RM 20 per piece


Nail Art Starter is a nourishing hand and nail treatment.

It's basically a hand glove where you can actually 
remove the tips depending on your needs.

Doing Hand and Nail Treatment at the same time!

You can remove the tips when using nail polish 
or UV / LED lamps during nail care 
while nourishing and moisturizing your hand!

If you are always into nail art, you can go for this!
The effect is just like the combination of 
Hand Moisture Pack and 5Finger Nail Pack!

2_model part


RM 25 per piece


KOCOSTAR is available at Sephora Malaysia!
You can get it through HERE!


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Facebook: KOCOSTAR Malaysia

Thank you for reading.

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