Saturday 2 September 2017

CANMAKE Brush Set | Face, Cheek, Highlight, Marshmallow Finish Face Brush

Hello Lovelies ~

I believe you girls heard of the famous affordable Japanese cosmetic brand - CANMAKE!

I always love the way they design their products in petite size 
where it's easy to bring around not forgetting their lovely packaging!!

Today's post is about CANMAKE super kawaii Brush Set!

Lovely packaging ~

Cheek Brush

Lovely bristle dipped with Ombre-Pink color on the brush tip.
The bristle is super fluffy and soft like marshmallows!
It has the curved-round shape with short hair which makes it firm for control.

Glad to have this brush now where you can apply powder blushes so much easier!
Perfect to use with Powder Blushes!

Priced at RM 45.90 

Face Brush

Smooth and fine-textured bristle.
The dense bristle makes it easier to swirl and blend when applying.
The brush is also wide enough for perfect even coverage.

Perfect to use with all types of foundation, whether Liquid, Powder, BB or Cream!

Priced at RM 45.90

Highlight Brush

This is actually my first time getting a proper highlighter brush like this
where usually I used to apply highlighting powder with my tiny layered bristle brush. 

It comes in slanted bristle which is great for contoured shades.
Synthetic and tapered so you can reach those target area with a single sweep!

Perfect to use with highlighter and all kinds of foundation as well!

Priced at RM 45.90

Marshmallow Finish Face Brush

A flat face brush to blend for a beautiful finish.
Comes in soft and fluffy flat bristles.
I love how small and flat it is which is handy to bring around!

It can even fit into CANMAKE's Marshmallow Finish Powder 
and Transparent Finish Powder Compacts!

Perfect to use with CANMAKE's range of foundations!

 Priced at RM 45.90

The size of the brush is just as big as your palm size, 
the right size to fit in your makeup pouch.

All brushes comes with a nylon case to keep it clean 
without damaging the hair so you can bring them to travel around!


Do check them out for more!

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