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D.UP Clear & Black Eyelashes Fixer EX Review | D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR Series

Don't you hate it when your falsies easily come off?

I'm back with another review of 

D.UP from Japan!

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D.UP Eyelashes Fixer EX

Available in 552 (Clear) and 553 (Black).

A super strong glue for false eyelashes.
It's one of the top selling glue fixer in Japan!

It's easy and handy to use as it comes with a brush 
for you to apply instead of the usual squeeze tube.

This won't spill out easily and you can 
control the amount of glue you want.

With this, you don't have to squeeze your eyelash glue anymore!

552 Clear | RM 39.90

As it comes with a thin tip applicator, 
it's very easy to use.

The eyelash glue is clear so 
it's transparent once it dries.

It dries very quickly with an invisible finish.
It does not sting and shine.
My lashes stay put till removal.

Easy to remove as well.
When removing false eyelashes, 
use a cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover.

553 Black | RM 39.90

If you're new to applying false eyelashes, 
go for the clear eyelash fixer 
as it won't show up your mistakes easily!

You can go for the black one if you're skilled 
in placing your lashes precisely all the time.

Because black eyelash fixer is visible which will 
smudge up your eye makeup when you are not careful.
And it's horrible!!


D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR Series

Amazingly soft and fine eyelashes.
I love how natural and light it is where you can hardly feel them on your eyes!
It blends into your eyes naturally just like your natural lashes.
It's even lighter than mascaras or lash extensions!

Priced at RM 49.90 each

Secret Line AIR | 930

It's super fine and soft.
Most importantly it's very very light!!
And super comfortable to wear.
You can wear it the whole day without feeling heavy on your eyes!

Secret Line AIR | 931

This looked really natural with a longer end.
You don't have to trim them as it fits most Asian eyes perfectly.
The lash band is flexible to adjust accordingly.

It's now available in Guardian Malaysia!!


Facebook: D.UP Malaysia

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