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CANMAKE 2017 Summer Tinted Series Review | Cream Cheek Tint, Wink Glow Eyes, Eyebrow Tint Gel, Quick Airy Eyebrow, Stay-On Balm Rouge

Hello Lovelies

CANMAKE Malaysia has came out with their
New Summer Tinted Series,
which includes refreshing and fun new shades for perfect summer look!

This time, they decided to came out with tinted products with more natural shades 
to give that fresh summer look with long lasting makeup 
which is suitable for countries with 365 days of summer such as Malaysia.
And it's now available in their flagship store in Damen!

CANMAKE Summer Tinted Series include:
                                                                           Quick Airy Eyebrow: 01, 02
                                                                           Eyebrow Tint Gel: 01, 02
                                                                           Stay-On Balm Rouge: T01, T02, T03  
                                                                           Cream Cheek Tint: 01, 02, 03
                                                                           Wink Glow Eyes:01, 02

Their packaging is really good with the right size for travel!


Available in 3 different shades.

The shades are all equally pretty. 
I love the creamy texture of it.
It's very light weight and easy to apply.

The staying power is good as well.
It blends in well with the skin and lasts throughout the day.

It does not have that greasy nor powdery finish.
The color is really natural and young.

Perfect for no-makeup makeup looks!

Priced at RM 42.90

The packaging is way too cute and pretty!!
It was designed to fit their summer theme which looks like a sea shell.
It comes with a cute mini sponge for you to apply.


01 | Terracotta Brown

02 | Sakura Mauve

If you are new to makeup, 
you can go for this as it's very easy to apply.
It's like an eye shadow but in a creamy texture 
with a glossy and silky finish.

It's fine-textured and pigmented.
It's so easy to blend just with your fingertip.
Shimmery but not tacky.
Sheer it out for more natural look!

You can easily apply eyeliner on top of it 
with its non-oily formulation.
If you prefer color gradation, 
apply another layer for more intense color.

Priced at RM 39.90


 01 | Lady Milk Chocolate

 02 | Sweet Peach Tea 

It's a loose eyebrow powder with natural-looking color.
The color is versatile with a powdery finish.
The applicator comes in a slanted tip 
which makes it easy to draw.

You don't have to keep adding powder as 
it goes on smoothly and clings to your skin.

This is perfect for super intense natural brows!

PS: Use it with care as the powder would scatter.

Priced at RM 45.90


01 | Milk Espresso

02 | Cappuccino

It's very lightweight, easy to apply 
and the color is very natural.

This is ideal for natural looking eyebrows.
If you prefer a no-makeup makeup look, you may go for this!

Priced at RM 39.90


T01 | Little Anemone

T02 | Happy Tulip

T03 | Ruby Carnation

If you have dry, cracked or chapped lips, you must try this!
Just like applying a moisturizing lip balm with subtle shade.
This new tinted one is better with a good staying power 
as it lasts longer.

The texture is very light and smooth as it clings flexibly 
to your lips where you don't have to wear lip balm. 

It has a solid color and non-sticky feeling 
which is suitable for everyday makeup!
I love how it keeps my lips soft and moist!

Priced at RM 45.90


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