Wednesday 6 September 2017

D.UP Silky Liquid Eyeliner Review | Black, Black Brown, Natural Brown

Hello Lovelies ~

Today I'm gonna introduce a brand new liquid eyeliner, 

D.UP from Japan!

It's now available in Guardian Malaysia!!

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D.UP is a Japan cosmetic brand based in Tokyo 
specialized in eye makeup products, false eyelashes and nail color products.

D.UP Silky Liquid Eyeliner won the 
"Second Best Eyeliner Award 2016" in Japan 
and also the "Best-Selling Eyeliner" on 
Rakuten Market (Biggest Japanese Online Shopping Site).

Available in three colours: 
Black, Black Brown and Natural Brown

Priced at RM 59.90 each



Black is mainly the best selling color in Japan.
When it comes to liquid eyeliner, 
I always prefer black which is pigmented and solid in color.


Black Brown is suitable for a natural look.
If you prefer a soft, flattering natural daytime look, 
you can go for this!


Natural Brown is very light.
If you prefer a no-makeup makeup look with a little extra definition, 
you can go for this!

Fine Brush
 The brush tip has a great sharp tip with only 0.1mm!!
With this super fine and tiny brush tip, 
you can easily draw super fine line perfectly and neatly!

Easy to Apply
Because of its well made solid extra-fine tip, 
it's very easy to apply and control
with silky smooth drawing feature
You can draw very smoothly for a full color texture.  
It's richly pigmented and quick drying.

It's waterproof and a pretty good staying power.
It also lasts well through sweating, 
eyeliner still stay but it will smudge a little bit when it becomes oily.

Contains Beauty Serum
Including Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Collagen, Chamomile 
for skin nourishment which is good for your eyelids.

Easily Remove
It's easily removed with both makeup oil remover and liquid one.


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Facebook: D.UP Malaysia

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