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CANMAKE Lash Curler & Mascara Series | Gokubuto Mascara, Flaring Curl Mascara, Quick Lash Curler, Clear Coat Mascara

Another review from CANMAKE!

This time, its all about Mascara.

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Gokubuto Mascara

means extremely thick. 

It's the most popular volume mascara from CANMAKE!

The texture is smooth and wet and it coats on the lashes easily.
It gives a great curling effect with thicker and volumized lashes. 

No smudges even after 6 hours.

It contains a moisturizing agent which will not impose a burden on your lashes.
Film-type formulation which can be easily removed with warm water.

It's suitable for those who wear mascara everyday!

Priced at RM 48.90

Flaring Curl Mascara

It's not black, it's not brown, it's chocolate black!
Unlike normal mascara, 
the color is a brown that's virtually deep black.

 It's combination of brown fluid and black fibers 
which gives a soft yet wide-eyed look at the same time.
It contains silky gel so it won't clump together, 
creating a perfect separated lashes.

 I love how natural it is as if your naked lashes.
So it's not so volumized when you apply.
Zero Volume Mascara that gives your lashes 
the length needed for a natural kawaii look! 

No smudges even after 6 hours.
It stays put until removal.

Priced at RM 45.90

Quick Lash Curler

There are three ways of using this!
A base, top coat or clear mascara.

As Base Coat
you can use it to curl your lashes
before applying your mascara.

As Top Coat
you can use it after applying your usual mascara 
to help maintain long-lasting curls.

As Clear Mascara
you can use it to lift and separate lashes 
for a long-lasting extra curl with a natural finish.

Priced at RM 42.90

Clear Coat Mascara

Dual-purpose transparent mascara.
You can use it as a top coat or invisible mascara.
It's colorless and transparent.

As a Top Coat
you can use it to create a wet-looking gloss lashes 
with no bleeding and shedding.
So that it won't clump together when applying.

As an Individual Mascara
you can use it to create a natural volume and 
enhance the depth of color of your lashes 
with greater gloss for greater impact of your eyes!

It makes my eyes more liquid and glossy.
Perfect for no-makeup makeup looks!

Priced at RM 42.90


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