Wednesday, 12 December 2018

CHICA Y CHICO One Shot Eye Palette Review

Chica Y Chico bring you back to the beach with this new eye palette featuring bright colours of sand!

Chica Y Chico, a K-Beauty brand that has introduced many pretty eyeshadow shades through 
its One Shot One Kill Eye Palette with three types of texture: matte, shimmer and glitter.
They have came out with a new eyeshadow palette featuring dazzling sandy beach colours.

It comes in a delicate cute and classy packaging with nice sized pans of shades.
The size is small enough to put in your makeup pouch which is great for travel use.
I love how small this eye palette is which is so convenient to bring around!

I got my One Shot Eye Palette in shades #08 Dazzling Sand!

This palette contains 6 bright colours of sand in brilliantly glittery type 
that can be worn alone or paired together for a complete look where
you can do diverse styles of eye makeup with a palette at once.
The shades are easy to blend with smooth and soft application.

I love the colour combination of this eye palette which is good for day to
night use that can be worn for a natural shimmer look or a glam look.
The colour is buildable, well-pigmented and versatile that works for all skin tones.

This palette featuring 6 bright glitters:

Glitter With Golden Sand
Shell Neckless Than Tiffany
Hot Hot Sand Bath
Grilled Clams For Dinner
Sprinkled Gold Dust Beach
Crystal Clear Seashell Colour

You may use a shadow brush or your finger to apply the eyeshadow on the eyes

Get yours HERE

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