Tuesday, 18 December 2018

ACONCEPT Triple Full Cover Concealer Review (Corrector + Concealer) | A:CONCEPT KOREA

ACONCEPT Triple Full Cover Concealer, a 3 shade combinations of correctors and concealers in 
a form that's easy to use where it harmonies to target every skin tone and create flawless looking.

It has a soft and creamy texture that ensures easy application and coverage in 
concealing skin imperfections as well as correcting skin tones with an anti-fatigue effect.

Infused with Jojoba Seed Oil to lock moisture, it adheres to 
the skin well with a smooth finish and helps to brighten the skin. 
This multi-purpose palette is very convenient to use and travel-ready. 
I love how it helps perfect my makeup on-the-go.

 This k-beauty palette contains 3 shades:

Green - To cover flush & redness (Blush Cover)
Peach - To conceal dark circles (Dark Spots Cover)
Skin - To cover pores, freckles & blemishes (Blemish Cover)


Apply a proper amount of colour corrector or concealer to desired areas after skincare.
Then, blend evenly with fingertips or an applicator, followed by base and point makeup products.

Get yours HERE

Also, check out skincare-type base makeup line here and here that allows 
your skin to breathe while covering the flaws without burdening the skin!

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