Monday, 29 October 2018

CANMAKE 2018 Summer New Launch | Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek, Velvety Fit Colors, Marshmallow Finish Base, Transparent Finish Powder, Lip Tint Matte, Creamy Touch Liner, Perfect Styling Eyes | CANMAKE FUN FAIR

 All about pink hues at the CANMAKE Fun Fair for the launch of new beauty items!

Summer Tinted Series has always been one of my favorite CANMAKE collection.
Now they have came out more exciting new items this summer 2018!

Let's check it out!

CANMAKE Velvety Fit Colors

Like combination of a cream and a powder.
Single shade shadows that glides smoothly like a cream eye shadow
and creates a velvety-smooth texture like a powder eye shadow.
 If you prefer eye shadow in creamy texture, you may check out Wink Glow Eyes!

Available in 4 colors:
01 Chocolate Tiramisu, 02 Honey Diamond, 03 Baby Apricot, 04 Rose Cocoa

CANMAKE Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek

CANMAKE Cream Cheek Tint and Powder Cheeks have always been my all time
favorites and now they even came out with a new Liquid Cheek! How exciting!

This new luscious liquid blush comes with a soft, gentle applicator tip.
It has a moist liquid texture and non-sticky formula which
makes it easier to apply on your cheek for a natural rosy glow.
 Love the natural-looking color that creates a glowy cheek look
like your natural blush which is perfect for no-makeup makeup looks!

Besides your cheek, you can use it on your lips too
as it's a two-way formulation which is very convenient to use!

A must-have for applying makeup on the go!

Available in 3 colors:
01 Rose Pop, 02 Mango Orange, 03 Apple Cherry

CANMAKE Lip Tint Matte

Always love their Stay-On Balm Rouge, a combination of
lip balm and lip tint which is suitable for dry and chapped lips!

This new lip tint has a solid radiant color with a true-color finish.
The texture is very light and smooth as it spreads evenly and clings flexibly to your lips.
The staying power is quite good and it also dries quickly without stickiness after application.

Available in 3 colors:
01 Coral, 02 Red, 03 Rose

CANMAKE Perfect Styling Eyes

Pigmented and versatile enough to create different makeup looks depending on the occasion!
If you are new to makeup, you can go for Wink Glow Eyes!

CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder

CANMAKE has came out with 3 new shades for this face powder
which are Pearl Natural, Pearl Pink and Shiny Aquamarine!

Smooth and lightweight to create a translucent pure look.
It contains shine-inhibiting powder which absorbs sebum to prevent shine, dullness.
You may use their Marshmallow Finish Face Brush to apply!
 If you prefer pure and light makeup, you may also try their Secret Beauty Powder!

Available in 4 shades:
(PL) Pearl Lavender, (PN) Pearl Natural, (PP) Pearl Pink, (SA) Shiny Aquamarine 

CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Base

From Juicy Glow Skin Base, to Perfect Serum BB Cream, now they have
came out with 2 new liquid makeup base, Oil Block and Moisture.
Oil Block for oily skin while Moisture for dry skin!
A pink-toned ochre that blends in softly with your complexion, offering a soft finish.

Oil Block - Formulated with 2 oil-blocking properties that cling to sebum.
Moisture - Formulated with 5 types of moisturizing agents for a long-lasting finish.

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner

With 1.5mm hyper-slim soft tip, it makes drawing ultra-fine lines
and filling in the gaps between lashes easier.
Also, check out their Strong Eyes Liner!

Available in Deep Black & Medium Brown


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