Sunday 28 October 2018

EYECANDY Rainbow Volume S Brush Review | Korean Rainbow Magic Hair Brush | K-Celebrities Hair Beauty Secret

Say goodbye to tangled and flat hair with Eyecandy Rainbow Volume Brush!

This rainbow brush was so popular in Korea and even recommended
by many K-celebrities and Korea TV shows, here's why!

What's so special about this rainbow brush?

It has patented S-Curl Teeth Brush which creates "air pockets" in the hair 
when it slips through to deliver natural volume.
It helps to make space between hair and reduce friction which causes damage!

There are three sizes, available in Medium, Large & Compact size!
The compact size is travel-friendly which is easy to bring around when you're on the go! 
Each comes with a back mirror which is handy to use.

My hair tends to be very flat at the top and gets tangled easily.
So much love for this rainbow brush as it simply slips through hair, 
detangles with ease and helps to create volume for that natural look!

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