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REDKEN All Soft Series | REDKEN Dandruff Control Shampoo | REDKEN pH-Bonder Post-Service Perfector | REDKEN Diamond Oil Deep Facets Mask Review

Don't you hate bad hair days?

Bad hair days are basically due to lack of nutrition in your hair.
And the longer it grows, the more dry and brittle it gets!

You can turn bad hair days into well, stylishly acceptable days with REDKEN!

Today's post is all about REDKEN Hair Care Products.

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REDKEN All Soft Series

REDKEN All Soft is formulated with omega-6 enriched Argan Oil
and powered by RCT Protein Complex to provide 15X more conditioning.

This series is designed for dry and brittle hair by nourishing and maintaining
moisture balance for intense softness with increased manageability and shine.

It smells great and the texture is rich and creamy.
It lathers and cleans well and works great to condition.
After using, you will have a lightweight feel leaving your hair feeling light and soft.
It does not weigh your hair down, you will feel very light after washing.
It works great in moisturizing and nourishing which is good for dry and brittle hair.

My hair is a bit dry on ends, prone to frizz.
After using for two weeks, my hair appears soft and manageable.

 Use the Shampoo in conjunction with the Conditioner and MegaMask for greater results.

REDKEN Dandruff Control Shampoo 

Dandruff Control, specialized with Pyrithione Zinc to combat dandruff.
It is designed for dry, flaking scalp and hair.

It has a clean smell, leaving your hair squeaky clean and soft, but not dry.
It fights dandruff while still locking in moisture.
It also works well on soothing the scalp, leaving scalp relieved.

Use at least twice a week for greater results.
It can be used daily as well.

REDKEN pH-Bonder Post-Service Perfector 

pH-Bonder is a unique synergistic system that helps maintain hair's natural pH,
reinforces weak bonds and reduce breakage during technical services
like bleach and haircolor while still providing touchable smoothness.

It is suitable for all hair types.
With pH-Bonder, you can have your very own bonder treatment at home!

It's very easy to use at home as a pH-neutalizer.
Use once a week before shampoo and leave it around 10 minutes.
After rinsing, you can feel the difference leaving your hair much softer.
Then, follow with REDKEN Shampoo and Conditioner.

REDKEN Diamond Oil Deep Facets Mask  

With oil-infused formula, REDKEN Diamond Oil Deep Facets provides
a protective layer of oils against damage while nourishing and restoring smoothness.

It's a Rinse Out Treatment.
After using, my hair felt stronger, leaving it light and airy with shine.


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