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APPLE SAMGYUPSAL Korean BBQ 苹果三层肉 | Korean Three Layered Pork @ Taman Desa, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Calling out Korean Food Lovers out there!


Apple Samgyupsal is finally in Malaysia!

A Korean BBQ joint serving quality pork meat marinated in apple sauce 
with no service charge, unlimited Banchan and unlimited Ramyun with set order.

SAMGYUPSAL literally means "Three Layered Pork", 
referring to the three layers in the meat.
It means "三层肉" in Chinese.

One of Korea's most consumed dishes in Korea!
It consists of thick and fatty slices of pork belly meat. 

Cooking Samgyupsal might already be overwhelming, 
yet how to eat Samgyupsal is a completely different story.

In Apple Samgyupsal
the meat is firstly marinated overnight in their special Apple Sauce for 24 hours 
then grilled on high heat charcoal using Apple Wood Chip.


We ordered their signature Apple Platter which includes:
Apple Samgyupsal | Three Layered Pork Belly (120g)
Apple Moksal | Pork Shoulder (120g)
Apple Hanjungsal | Pork Neck (120g)
Apple Wraps
Tteok | Rice Cakes
Homemade Sausage
Apple Salad
This set can be shared among 2-3 pax.
Priced at RM 88


Their Side Dishes include:
Kimchi, Lettuce, Seaweed, etc.

 Signature Onion and Apple Sauce



UNLIMITED Side Dishes!


 Wait for the grill to heat up.

The meat comes in normal pork chop size.
Place all the meat at the center of the grill for around 30 seconds.

Then, flip the meat over for another 30 seconds.
 Keep turning the meat until cooked.

As it is grilled, cut the meat into bite size pieces.

The meat is then ready to be served.

Apple Wraps, slices of Apple are served at the side of the BBQ pit.


Wrap your Pork Meat with Apple Slices!

First, put their signature Onion and Apple sauce on top of the Apple Slices.

When your pork meat is done, 
wrap the pork meat with the Apple Slices 
and put everything into your mouth.

 Apple + Pork Meat

What a perfect match!
Juicy Apple slices add flavours to the meat!
The Apple sauce complements so well with the meat.
The richness of the meat is well balanced with a hint of sweetness.
It's appetizingly moist and flavourful! 

You may wrap the meat with the lettuce as well!

The meat was grilled to perfection, much tender!
Moist and juicy to the bite with their special dipping sauce!


Chewy and gooey with crispy edges.  
Remember to dip the rice cakes with their signature Apple sauce!
It tastes so great together!


For BBQ Sharing Set, you can have UNLIMITED Ramyun Refill!
This set can be shared among 3-4 pax at RM 168.

There are two choices of Ramyun.
You may opt for Ottogi Jin Ramen (Spicy) or Ottogi Jin Ramen (Mild)!
I personally prefer the spicy one.


Crispy on the outside, moist inside.
It's savoury and flavorsome to the bite! 
Dip the crispy pancake in their special soy sauce to enhance flavor!

Priced at RM 15



Korean BBQ will only be perfect with some alcohol along.


Apple infused Rice Wine with 100% fresh Apple juice.

Priced at RM 28 


 How can you not order Soju for Korean BBQ?
 Original Soju with 17.5% Alcohol.

Priced at RM 23

HITE BEER (640ml)

Priced at RM 28


Koreans are known for their love of drinking SOJU, 
one of their Drinking Games is Titanic.

First, fill a cup half way with the Beer and float a shot glass in the drink.

The shot glass should FLOAT, NOT SINK.
Everyone takes turns to pour Soju into the shot glass. 
Try to pour as little as possible as the shot glass will sink in the beer when it fills. 

The person who sinks the shot glass has to finish the whole drink in one shot.


Do check them out for more!

    Food           : 8/10    
Price           : 7/10
Ambiance   : 7/10
Service        : 8/10
Cleanliness  : 8/10

Address: 22, Jalan 1/109E,
Taman Desa, Old Klang Road,  
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Operation Hours: 5 PM - 2 AM
Facebook: Apple Samgyupsal
Instagram: @applesamgyupsal

Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal taste and preferences. 
Dine at your own risk.

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