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Imagene Labs OriSKIN+ Review | Skin DNA Test + 30 Day Supply Customised Facial Serum

Heard of DNA-based Skincare?

There are all kinds of skin care products nowadays.
It's really tough to find a skin care product that works and suits our skin well.

Hydration, collagen, soothing, acne, antioxidants ......
When it comes to skincare, 
we all have unique needs based on skin type, environment and lifestyle.

So, How to use your DNA for smarter skin care? 

Today's post is about an interesting DNA-based skincare I got from 

Imagene Labs.

 Now, your skin can get tested and treated 
without seeing a dermatologist or skin specialist!
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A little intro, Imagene Labs
a genetics wellness company headquartered in Singapore 
that provides DNA-based skincare, nutrition and fitness solutions 
customized to individuals' unique genetic profiles.

They provide 3 types of personalized tests which are 
oriSKIN, oriVIT and oriFIT then it can formulate products 
based on individual genetic profiles to attain overall health and wellness.

Customize client's skincare needs.

Customize client's body needs.

Offer personalized fitness program with greater accuracy.



Mine is OriSKIN+ which includes a skin DNA test 
and 30 days supply customized facial serum.

The skin DNA test is for you to understand your skin better. 
The test results include how your skin responds to environmental factors, 
how fast or slow your skin ages and so on.

It contains 10 key traits relating to your skin, including sensitivity, 
elasticity, pigmentation, wrinkling and predisposition to premature.

The facial serum is customized based on your personalized DNA test report 
to provide you personalized guidance on skin care.


First, visit ORI website HERE  
and create an account with your email.

You choose the test and package you want and add them to cart.

 For oriSKIN+
you will have a test kit and 
oriSKIN+ test and serum package in your cart.
Complete a simple skin questionnaire after checkout.

Once you made your payment, 
you will get your test kit in front of your doorstep 
for you to submit your genetic material. 

No worries, no blood test here.

The test will only require your saliva sample.

Imagene's DNA Test Kit 

1 Collection Tube, 1 Funnel, 1 Red Discard Cap, 1 Blue Shipping Cap, 
1 Biohazard Bag, 1 Return Mailer Envelope, 1 Instructions Envelope


STEP 1: 
Hold tube upright. Do not discard or spill liquid. 
Remove and discard red cap. Screw funnel onto tube.

STEP 2: 
Open funnel lid and spit until the amount of saliva reaches the fill line. 
If saliva contains foam or bubbles, make sure the amount of liquid saliva reaches the fill line.

STEP 3: 
Remove funnel and discard. Screw on blue cap until closed tightly.

STEP 4: 
Invert blue capped tube to mix sample with preservative.

STEP 5: 
Place sealed tube into specimen bag for shipment and seal bag shut. 
Do not remove pad inside of bag.

STEP 6: 
Place specimen bag into the provided return mail envelope. 
Remove adhesive strip and seal the envelope shut before mailing out.

PS: Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes prior to collecting your saliva sample.

Once you done with the saliva sample, they will send a courier to pick up.
You can choose your preferred pickup date and time on the ORI website. 
You will receive your test report through your registered email address around 1-2 weeks.
After 1-2 weeks upon receiving the report, 
you will receive your customized skin serum in front of your door step.

My Customized Skin Serum

The texture is lightweight and non-greasy 
with a faint botanical aroma. 
 Easily to spread and absorb quickly.

It adhere onto my skin easily and 
quickly helps to soothe and nourish my skin!
It leaves skin with a soft and comfortable finish 
without any greasy and sticky feeling. 

The serum fits well with my skin's condition.
My skin is more well-balanced now, more refined and moisturized.
From my skin test report, now I know the right skincare ingredients 
and the right food and vitamins I should take to enhance my skin condition.


Do check them out for more!

Facebook: Imagene Labs
Instagram: @imagenelabs
Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal experiences and preferences. 
Results may vary on different person.

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  1. This was a good post on DNA testing. With DNA fitness testing you know about your DNA fitness and about your future health.