Monday 12 April 2021

INDOASLI @ Central i-City, Shah Alam

Craving for Indonesian food?

Drop by IndoAsli few days ago, an Indonesian restaurant, offering a variety of 
authentic Indonesian food from different regions of Indonesia in one restaurant.

 Glad to be here to check out their newly launched menu!


Tempe Sira

First, we had their Tempe Sira as an appetizer while waiting for food to be served. 
A condiment served with Peanuts, Anchovies, Fried Bean Curd and Tempe in 
a sweet, spicy and sticky coating. What a great introduction to your meal!
Priced at RM 4.90


Tahu Telur

An Indonesian tofu with egg presented as a high tower of crispness 
with a spicy and sweet sauce. Crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside.
Priced at RM 11.90


Ayam Bakar Sate

Their Ayam Bakar Sate is another worthy mention. It's tender and juicy to the bite which is 
definitely a perfect combination of texture and flavour. A quick and filling meal with a moist texture!
Priced at RM 19.90


Gulai Ayam Padang

A traditional Indonesian dish of chicken cooked in a spicy rich 
curry-like sauce called Gulai. This dish is not overly spicy but is so flavourful, 
rich and creamy with a delicious blend of flavours that goes well with the chicken.
Priced at RM 16.90


Rendang Kambing

A mildly spicy, rich and flavorful, semi-dry curry with aroma of the exotic spices.
Priced at RM 27.90

Rendang Sapi

Don't forget to check out their Rendang Sapi too!
Priced at RM 22.90


Cumi Bakar Jimbaran

A grilled squid dish cooked with a fragrant special cumi bakar sauce.
It's a mix of sweet, savory and spicy!
Priced at RM 35.80

Terung Raos Khas Bandung

Flavourful battered fried eggplant, with spicy caramelized coating. 
It's crunchy outside and soft inside, yet a little bit spicy for me.
Priced at RM 11.90


Nasi Tumpeng Ayam Bakar Percik Bali

This is a traditional Indonesian dish served with cone-shaped rice with side dishes and 
garnishes styled around it. Not forgetting its roasted spiced chicken with percik gravy.
Priced at RM 25.90


Ikan Talapia Goreng Renyah Sambal Nusantara

This dish is prepared in such a way that when deep-fried, freezes into a pose that resembles a 
flying fish. Crispy skin outside and moist inside. It goes well with the accompanying dipping sauces.
Priced at RM 39.90







 Aside from its main courses, they serve a delectable variety of desserts.


Jeli Dalam Telur

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and two cute jelly eggs.
Priced at RM 8.90


Popia Pisang

Spring rolls served with grated cheese, chocolate sprinkles, condensed 
milk and bananas. Crunchy and light with a well balance of sweet!
Priced at RM 12.90



Es Alpukat | RM 13.90
One of the popular drinks in Indonesia. Rich and creamy 
taste of Avocado milk with drizzles of Chocolate Syrup.
Jus Alpukat Teristimewa IndoAsli | RM 12.90
Creamy Avocado shake topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Soda Serai | RM 6.90
A great thirst quencher particularly during the super hot days!
Very cooling and refreshing!

 Head to IndoAsli today for Authentic Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine! 
Check out their Instagram or Facebook for more information!
*IndoAsli new menu is currently exclusive at IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya 
and will soon be available at IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam.
IndoAsli Outlets:
IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya: Lot No: LG-36
IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam: Lot No: LG-58


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All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal taste and preferences. 
Dine at your own risk.

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