Saturday, 3 April 2021

DARCE Healing Shower Cream: Coconut Dreams, Healing Sea Salt and Pomegranate Smoothie Review


Pamper yourself with a nourishing bath using Darce Shower Cream. 

 It isn't like the usual Shower Cream that just has cleaning fomula, 
Darce Shower Cream contains healing attributes like Hydrating, Soothing, Anti Aging.  
Three types of variants: Coconut Dreams, Sea Salt and Pomegranate. All are Paraben-Free
DARCE Coconut Dreams Shower Cream (Hydrate)

DARCE Coconut Dreams Shower Cream is a rich and creamy body wash that lathers 
up in the shower or bath. It has a sweet fruity scent of coconut. The natural coconut oil 
hydrates and protects your skin, leaving skin feeling soft, moisturised and subtly scented. 
I like the natural moisturize effect where it deeply moisturizes without drying the skin.
DARCE Healing Sea Salt Shower Cream (Soothing)
First time trying Sea Salt Shower Cream, felt so relaxing with a soothing aroma. 
It contains natural healing properties of sea salt, leaving skin smooth and rejuvenated.
It has a soothing scent of sea, bringing a relaxing and calming shower experience just like an 
 aromatherapy experience. Love to use it where you feel the stress of the day melt off of your body.
 DARCE Pomegranate Smoothie Shower Cream (Anti-Aging)
DARCE Pomegranate Smoothie Shower Cream has Vitamin C to deeply cleanse 
your skin. It's creamy texture leaving skin silky smooth, hydrated and energised.
Sweet, fruity aroma with a delicately light scent of pomegranate,  enveloping 
the body in a fine lather. There is no sticky or dry feeling after using.

 All comes in beautiful packaging, my favourite is Healing Sea Salt, 
I love the soothing aroma of it, feels so calming and relaxing after using.
Get yours at RedTick Supermarket or online at Lazada or Shopee!
Head over to their official Instagram and Facebook for more information.

 Facebook Page: Asther Yinn

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal experiences and preferences. 
Results may vary on different person.

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