Friday 1 March 2019

VODANA Hair Styling Tools Review | Charis x Vodana Hair Diva Combo | Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron, Soft Bar Flat Iron, Pocket Mini Flat Iron | K-Celebrities Natural Loose Curls | Korean Natural Waves Style Secret

Natural hair waves is getting seriously on trend with Korean celebs rocking their natural loose curls! 
 So what's the secret behind those natural waves?

Now you can style your hair like a celebrity with Vodana!

Vodana, one of the most well known hair tool brand in South Korea. Vodana has been devoted
 in making the best hair tool for the last 20 years and it is recognized as one of the best.

 Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron

 Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron is great in creating
super natural hair waves, especially loose S curls and C curls.

With its efficient advanced heating rod, it heats up fast and maintains the constant 
temperature that enables fast and smooth styling which is perfect for busy mornings.
You may adjust your desired heat temperature from 100°C-200°C.

Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron prevents hair from being flattened or ripped out and minimizes
hair damage. I love how it creates nice bouncy waves and natural hair curls for everyday look.

Available in 36mm and 40mm!

Get yours HERE

 Vodana Soft Bar Flat Iron

Vodana Soft Bar Flat Iron can be used as both straightening and curling.

The soft bar prevents hair getting pressed in between the plate while sealing in moisture and 
hair cuticle. They have flexible heat plates for a smooth pass which allows effortless glide. The 
smooth pass prevents the hair from tugging and breaking which ensures styling comfort and ease.

Get yours HERE

  Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron

that only takes 30 seconds to heat up. This mini flat iron is small enough 
to fit in your pouch where you may bring it wherever you go.

Not to mention, its ceramic coated plate helps to prevent hair damage.
Besides straightening, it can be used to achieve waves and style bangs.
I love to use it to curl my bangs and create C curls at the end of my hair.

Get yours HERE

Vodana Hair Diva Combo

Vodana Hair Diva Combo consists of Glamwave Curling Iron and Pocket Mini Flat Iron.
This combo set also comes with a Charis Mirror, Vodana Freeze (Hair Fixer Spray),
Marshmallows and two World Traveller Adaptors.

Get yours HERE

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