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NY Steak Shack @ Sunway Pyramid: DAE-BAK Meals

Western food with Kimchi?

What an interesting combination with robust flavours of the East and West.

NY STEAK SHACK never fail to impress their fans with different flavour meals.
An American restaurant delivering a great delectable meat-eater's experience.

They recently introduced Kimchi and other Korean staples into their menu - DAE-BAK Meals.
These series would definitely steal your heart away.

 Great news to all Korean-Food Lovers out there!
Treat yourself now to an extraordinary experience at NY Steak Shack!
Enjoy and indulge in mouthwatering Korean flavours in one dish.

 DAE-BAK Meals are only available for a LIMITED TIME only.
 So hurry up, what are you waiting for?


Recommended DAE-BAK Meals:

1. Sizzling Bulgogi Lamb Leg (200gms)

Served with Bulgogi Sauce, Kimchi Coleslaw and fluffy white rice sprinkled with sesame seeds. 
It was grilled to a perfect medium well and it was neither undercooked nor overcooked. 
I love how tender the meat was, and how the flavours sipped into the entire thing.
In fact, it tasted great even without the Bulgogi Sauce.
Priced at RM 33.90 (with GST 35.93)

 For Beef lover, you may try out Sizzling Bulgogi Ribeye Steak.
Priced at RM 35.90 (with GST RM 38.05)

2. Country Gogi Burger (Chicken)

Served with soft signature bun.
 The patty is rather thick and crispy on the outside.
You can choose to have Bulgogi Mayo or Kimchi Mayo sauce.

Highly recommended their Bulgogi Mayo sauce.
It went perfectly well with the juicy burger patty and fries.  
Dip into the Bulgogi Mayo sauce and you will further reach cloud nine!

You may try out their Kimchi Mayo sauce for appetizing Korean flavours!

Priced at RM 17.90 (with GST RM 18.97)
You can choose either Beef, Lamb or Chicken. 
*Differently Priced

3. Kimchi Pasta (Chicken)

The best of East meets West. 
I love the way it served with generous chunks of meat and hearty vegetables.
Spicy yet appetizing Korean flavours.
A bit too spicy for me, 
but for those who love spicy food, 
it would be just nice.
Priced at RM 15.90 (with GST RM 16.85)
You can choose either Beef, Lamb or Chicken. 
*Differently Priced

4. K-Bibimbap Set (Chicken)

Craveable Korean flavours in one dish. 
Fluffy white rice topped with egg and sesame seeds 
complemented with generous chunks of meat and hearty vegetables. 
Served with Spicy Clam Broth and Kimchi Coleslaw,
not forgetting their delicious Kimchi sauce!
It's like a Korean version Bento!
Priced at RM 19.90 (with GST RM 21.09)
You can choose either Beef, Lamb or Chicken.
*Differently Priced

5. K-Runch Wings

Perfectly seasoned with Bulgogi.
It just simply addictive with the juicy sweet and spicy Korean flavours!
Carnivores who favour East and West classics will likely relish 
the juicy DAE-BAK Bulgogi chicken wings. 


I love how it perfectly jived with the Kimchi, 
not forgetting it's bursting flavours. 
It would be even perfect with beer! 
(Chimaek - A combination of chicken and beer served in most South Korean Restaurants.)

Priced at RM 19.90 (with GST RM 21.09)
Get it at only RM 9.95 (with GST RM 10.35) on second purchase. 

6. Sharing Platter (K-POP Feast)

Pumpkin rice served with Bulgogi ribeye steak or lamb leg, 
K-Runch Wings, Sizzling Spicy K-Lam and mixed vegetables.
ALL in ONE!!!
You can try out all 3 DAE-BAK meals in 1 at only 
 RM 67.90 (with GST RM 71.97)
Able to serve 2-3 pax.


Recommended Drinks:

 Don't forget to cool down yourself with their signature mocktails!


Sweet? Sour? Bitter? Spicy?
Enjoy a variety of taste in one sip.  
It's a special mixture inspired by traditional Korean punch.
Worth a try!

2. Sunny Apple


3. Peach Blossom

4. Berry Candy Lemonade

Priced at RM 9.90 (with GST RM 10.49)
Get it at only RM 4.90 (with GST RM 5.19) on second purchase. 


DAE-BAK Meals Promo are only available till Mid-July.

You can drop them an email at 
for reservations at their restaurants or catering at your event.

Thanks to NY Steak Shack's friendly team for having us! 

Make your day a DAE-BAK one with NY Steak Shack!

    Food         : 4.5/5 
Price         : 4/5
Ambiance : 5/5
Service      : 5/5
Cleanliness  : 4.5/5

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Address: LG 2.45 & 2.46, LG2, Sunway Pyramid,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 03-5612 7217
Facebook: NY Steak Shack
Instagram: @nysteakshack

 Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal taste and preferences. 
Dine at your own risk.

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