Wednesday, 14 June 2017

ABOONG Malaysia 아붕 @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Waffle in FISH Shaped?

A little intro, ABOONG, a franchise originated from Seoul, Korea 
serves softserve frozen yogurt in a fish shaped waffle cone.
The name "ABOONG" is derived from the word "Bungeoppang" which is 
an ice cream version of a Korean street food. 
A fish-shaped waffle with creamy filling and toppings.

They recently launched a new CHEESE flavoured soft serve 
with new cinnamon sugar waffle now 
in conjunction of Ramadan for a LIMITED time only. 
You can get it in their famous Bungeoppang series or cup series. 

Bungeoppang Series (RM 14.90):

For Cheese Lovers, you will definitely like this series.
Chewy, freshly made cinnamon sugar waffle, 
milky and creamy taste in mouth,
balanced up with sprinkled cocoa powder, 
not forgetting its smooth texture.

PS: Make sure you snap the picture of it quick as it melts real fast!

Cup Series (RM 11.90):

If you are not into waffle, 
you can opt for cup series with biscoff cookies at the bottom. 
Tastes a bit like cheesecake.
So irresistible!

Yogurt Soft Serve (RM 7.90)/cup:

If Cheese is not your cup of tea, 
you may try out their Yogurt Soft Serve which is their signature soft serve.

ABOONG Ramadan Special Deals:

Get one Nutella Milkshake for FREE with purchase of new cheese flavour product.
It's FREE guys!! 
Why wait?

Do check them out for more!

    Food          : 4.5/5 
Price          : 4/5
Ambiance   : 5/5 
Service        : 5/5 
Cleanliness : 4/5

Address: 49G, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
Operation Hours: 11am - 11.30pm
Facebook: Aboong Malaysia

 Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal taste and preferences. 
Dine at your own risk.

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