Friday, 9 September 2022

VT Cica Vital Line Review | VT New Vitamin Line


Mild Soothing & Whitening Care for skin

VT Cica Vital Line, New Vitamin Line contains Cicahyalon, 

Yuja Seed Peptide and Vitamin C to tone up and soothe skin, 

suitable for dull and dark skin! Consists of 5 products, 

reusable tumbler and PVC bag. How cute!!

VT Cica Vital Foam Cleanser, mild cleansing care that cleanses excess sebum 

and waste with rich bubble cream texture. Love the refreshing citrus scent!



VT Cica Vital Toner, water-gel toner that calms and brightens skin with 

Vitamin C. It absorbs quickly into skin with a moist water gel texture 

which delivers deeper moisture compared to water toner, leaving moist skin!



VT Cica Vital Essence, daily whitening essence to brighten 

skin tone, deliver freshness and moisture to skin. 

Quick absorbing, light and soft finish without stickiness.

VT Cica Vital Cream, mild moisturizing cream that brightens and 

delivers deep moisture to skin. Smooth and lightweight texture, 

helps to soothe irritated skin and maintain a bright complexion.

VT Cica Vital Mask, easy quick mask pack that comes in a box with skin glow 

and soothing double intensive solution with no stickiness. It can be 

used for daily whitening care. Use their tweezers to pull out the mask!

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