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ESUI Feminine Hygiene Wash Daily Solution Review | Daily Intimate Care

Do you know that taking care of your intimate part is equally important to taking care
of your face and body? Choosing the right feminine wash for your daily use is crucial
to keep your vagina healthy and prevention of feminine problems. Ordinary soaps,
especially those with added fragrances, are not necessarily kind to your intimate regions.

Lately, I came across with this intimate care brand, ESUI
and I got to try out their Feminine Hygiene Wash Daily Solution.

ESUI Feminine Hygiene Wash, a halal-certified feminine hygiene cleanser using latest
Nano Technology from France, suitable for daily frequent use. It is made of natural
ingredients from herbs and manufactured at pH 4 which is the ideal pH for vaginal
acidity according to the Research of School of Medicines of Chelsea University, UK.
This is because ordinary soap, which is alkali may upset the natural vagina pH,
leading to imbalance of vaginal flora, causing abnormal vaginal discharge and infection.

It comes in a sleek silver packaging with a flip cap.

Available in two bottle sizes: 60ml and 150ml

Mildly scented, brownish-red in colour, maybe it's because of the natural herbal extracts inside.

Formulated with three main natural ingredients: 
Quercus Infectoria, Labisia Pumila, Piper Betle Leaf Extracts

Quercus Infectoria (Manjakani Extracts) 
Natural antiseptics, helps to tone up vaginal epithelial with its unique astringent properties.

Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah Extracts)
Rich in Estrogen, widely used in post-partum recovery and tones up vaginal walls.

Piper Betel Leaf Extracts
A renowned traditional medicine to treat various disorders, 
neutralizes free radicals due to overgrowth of vaginal bacteria.

This mild and gentle feminine hygiene wash helps to cleanse, freshen and combat
unpleasant odours and vaginal discharge. It also helps to tighten and tone vaginal area,
regulate feminine hormone, prevent external vaginal areas from itch and dryness.

Suitable for women of all ages, also for puberty age young teenager.
You may start using it after experiencing first menstruation till menopause.


Clean external vagina areas thoroughly with water and then 
pour out Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash about the size of 20 cent.
Apply gently on the areas, leave it around 60 seconds before rinsing it off.

You may use it daily, during menstruation periods, 
sexual intimacy and travel for instant freshness.

Currently using it as my daily feminine hygiene care and I love how gentle and mildly scented
this product is and the refreshing sensation as it leaves a cooling fresh feeling after wash. Most
importantly, it does not irritate the skin, it keeps me feeling fresh and comfortable all day long!

Available at Watsons and individual pharmacies.

Head over to their Official Website, Instagram and Facebook for more information!

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