Monday 12 November 2018

JAYEON Aloe Vera Gel & Aloe White Facial Cleanser Review

Aloe Vera was something I always had since young. 
There are tons of great benefits from using Aloe, thanks to its vitamin-enriched formula. 
It is great for reducing sunburns, redness, calms acnes and eczemas, 
making it a must-have in any household to provide immediate relief.

Lately, I got to try these Aloe Vera products from Jayeon Korea 
and I pair them with their Aloe Hydrating Mask.

Jayeon Aloe Vera Gel

Jayeon Aloe Vera Gel contains extract of Aloe Vera leaf from California Mountain which helps 
 soothe, moisturize and minimize your complexion's rough texture without feeling sticky or heavy.
 It has a lightweight texture that won't clog your pores or leave your complexion greasy.

It has many healing and moisturizing properties where you can actually apply the gel on your 
face overnight like a sleeping mask particularly the dry areas to keep your skin hydrated. 
I use it at the last step of skincare routine or sometimes even before 
I put on makeup to enhance my skin texture.

I love the refreshing and cooling sensation against my skin. 
The natural cooling properties make it extra soothing for puffy eye bags.

Jayeon Aloe White Facial Cleanser

Aside from the Aloe Vera ingredient to soothe skin, this Aloe White Cleanser is also 
infused with berries and Vitamin C extract which helps to cleanse your face 
from impurities effectively while moisturizing and brightening your complexion.

This soothing cleanser is a mild foaming face wash that works up a luxurious lather to gently
 eliminate dirt, impurities and excess sebum from within without making your skin feel tight and dry.

 Head on over to their Official Website or get them at Lazada/Hermo/11street/Shopee.

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