Wednesday, 31 January 2018

ELEANOR - The Art of Beauty Exclusive Launch | SASA Malaysia @ Botanica Co

"Being Beautiful Never Goes Out of Art" 
with the New Exclusive Cosmetics Brand,  ELEANOR.

ELEANOR is designed to integrate makeup with art aesthetics 
and introduces a brand new cosmetic experience to women combining the both.

ELEANOR products are made in Japan  
and authorized for retailing by the Japan government. 

The brand was first launch in SASA Hong Kong 
and now finally it's available in SASA Malaysia!!

You can get their complete range of makeup products here 
in SASA Malaysia across selected 20 stores nationwide!

ELEANOR Makeup Product Range

ELEANOR Lips Product Range: Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Lip Shaper

ELEANOR Satin and Crystal Lipstick

ELEANOR Liquid and Cream Foundations

ELEANOR Face Primer, Makeup Remover and Pore Refiner

ELEANOR Blusher, Powder Foundation, Eyeshadow Palette

Their vintage packaging is just way too cute!
All of these come with a handy brush applicator beneath.

Makeup Session

Emily Chan shared her favourite makeup day look by using ELEANOR products.

Floral Arrangement

Flowers make me happy ♥

Pretty pastel flowers! 
So in love with these pastel colours!

I chose a pastel floral bouquet.

Done mine! So lovely ♥

Live Caricature

Special fashion illustration using ELEANOR lipstick and nail polish.

Done my illustration painting ♥
So pretty!

Thank you for having me!


Do check them out for more!

Instagram: @sasamalaysia

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Monday, 29 January 2018

SAMSUNG Premium Experience Store Grand Launch @ Pavilion KL

SAMSUNG Premium Experience Store @ Pavilion KL

The all new SAMSUNG Premium Experience Store 
launched today at 1st Floor, Pavilion KL. 

They have an accessories wall, various experience areas like 
VR, DEX, SAMSUNG PAY, Clearplex Protection stations here too!

Now you can have a complete immersive experience into their products!

Ribbon Cutting

 Accessories Wall

Accessories for TAB

Accessories for PHONE

Experiencing their headphone worth RM 5999!

S8 Section

Music Section

 Tablet Section

VR Experience Area



Instagram: @samsungmalaysia

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

CANMAKE New Launch Products Full Look | 日本疯抢 CANMAKE 超显色的葡萄色腮红血色腮紅 Powder Cheeks PW38 & PW39, Secret Beauty Powder, Juicy Glow Skin Base 01 & 02, Perfect Stylist Eyes 14 & 15, Stay On Balm Rouge Lip Tint

Hello Lovelies ~

I'm back with a new post of CANMAKE!

I always love CANMAKE products which are all designed in petite size
which is easy to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch
not forgetting their lovely packaging!!

Today's post is about CANMAKE New Launch Products!


Their packaging is way too cute!

CANMAKE Secret Beauty Powder

Priced at RM 59.90

CANMAKE Juicy Glow Skin Base

Priced at RM 49.90 each

Juicy Glow Skin Base 01 | Yellow

Juicy Glow Skin Base 02 | Pink

CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes

Perfect Styling Eyes 14 | RM 52.90

This pink maroon shimmery shades is selling fast in Japan!
You can get it now in Malaysia!

Perfect Styling Eyes 15 | RM 52.90

CANMAKE Powder Cheeks

Powder Cheeks PW38 | RM 45.90

Finally got my hands on this PW38!!
It's all sold out in Taiwan as it was featured 
by a Taiwan beauty TV show.

It's a new launch color in Plum Pink 
which is called 血色腮紅 in Chinese!

 It's very natural when you apply.
The dark pink makes your cheek look flushed naturally.

Powder Cheeks PW39 | RM 45.90

 Violet Purple with a lighter shade.
It's very light and natural with translucent pink blusher color!
The violet enhances the translucence of your skin.

CANMAKE Stay On Balm Rouge Lip Tint T04

It's my all-time favourite lip tint, check it out HERE !

Priced at RM 45.90



My Full Look using CANMAKE New Products:

Foundation & Powder
CANMAKE Secret Beauty Powder
CANMAKE Juicy Glow Skin Base 02

CANMAKE Perfect Styling Eyes 14

CANMAKE Powder Cheek PW38

CANMAKE Stay On Balm Rouge T04

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Do check them out for more!

Instagram: @canmake_malaysia

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