Friday, 17 August 2018

16BRAND 2018 Hottest Collection | 韩牌16BRAND最火红的3秒懒人眼影!新推出双色渐变眼影 Sixteen's No.1 Eye Shadow | Sixteen Brand Eye Magazine, Valkwang Pen Tint, Mochi Pact @ PLAY UP Advance, Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur

Have you check out the hottest collection from 16Brand ?

16 Brand, a new branch of the trendy K-Beauty brand Chosungah.

Check out more on CHOSUNGAH HERE !

16BRAND Eye Magazine

Loving the natural gradient of Eye Magazine from 16BRAND,
one of the hottest K-Beauty items nowadays!

Mix and Match 2 colors quick and easy in one swipe with its unique petite blender brush!
The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and vividly shows its original color.

A must-have for applying makeup on the go!

Available in 4 colors:
Everyday, Hello Monday, Sweet Sunday, Hey My Day

16BRAND Valkwang Pen Tint

A valkwang pen with unique highlighter design.

Soft textured, dazzling high-shine and vivid colors,
making smooth and plump lips with long-lasting effect.

Available in 4 colors:
Red, Cherry, Orange and Pink

16BRAND Mochi Pact

Hydrating on the inside, powdery on the outside!

It neutralizes the skin redness, color-correcting while
brighten up dull and discolored skin tone leaving a natural and healthy look.

Available in 2 shades:
Light Beige (MP01) and Sand Beige (MP02)


To all K-Beauty fans out there,
Now you can get these products from
PLAY UP Advance at Fahrenheit 88, KL!

Do check them out for more!

Facebook: PLAY UP 
Instagram: @playupadvance 

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