Thursday, 14 June 2018

D.UP 2018 New Launch Products | D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner, D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara


D.UP is a Japan cosmetic brand based in Tokyo 
specialized in eye makeup products, false eyelashes and nail color products.

D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara | D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner

D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner

Gel Pencil Eyeliner, easy and smooth application with melty touch.

With its 2mm super fine eyeliner tip, 
it gives you the ultimate control for drawing a perfect line neatly, 
ideal for creating both thick and thin lines.
It's richly pigmented and quick drying with 5 kinds of beauty serums included.

D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara

Easy to use with its small and fine brush, ideal for lower eyelashes.
It contains 10 kinds of beauty serum to condition your lashes while you're wearing it.
With their ultra fine brush, you can cover up short and thin eyelashes easily.

Now available in Guardian Malaysia!!


Do check them out for more!

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