Friday, 7 July 2017

Nature Key Aloe Vera 98% Soothing Gel (300ml) Review

I believe everyone heard of Aloe Vera before.
The beauty benefits of Aloe Vera are well known all across the world
such as treating, healing wounds and soothing the skin.

Aloe Vera was something I always had since young, whenever I got sunburn or wounds, 
my mum would just apply Aloe Vera on my skin to promote healing and soothing.
It's no surprise that Aloe Vera gel is becoming increasingly well-known in the beauty industry.

This post today is about reviewing Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Nature Key.

It dries nicely to no tackiness as it quickly absorbed into your skin after applying. 
It smells amazing with fresh Aloe Vera scent and 
has a slight cooling sensation when you first apply it on your skin. 
It comes in clear thick gel texture. 

I love the cool sensation when applying especially on a hot day and 
when it comes to moisturizing the skin before bed. 
It's also good for treating acne as well.

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- Moisturizer
      - Treats sunburns
- Treats acne
- Fights aging

Plus it's very affordable.
 Priced at around RM 15 - RM 20.
You can apply it on your body as well.

Where to Get?

Nature Key series are available at 
AA Pharmacy, IJ Pharmacy, Life Plus Pharmacy Group, The Pill House Pharmacy, 
Wellings Pill House Pharmacy.

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