Friday 1 September 2017

KOCOSTAR Fruit & Vegetable Slice Mask Sheet Series Review | Cucumber, Tomato, Lemon, Watermelon

Annyeong Lovelies ~

Good news to share with you girls that 
KOCOSTAR (Korea Cosmetic Star) from Korea 
is finally available at Sephora Malaysia!!

We all know we can't live without mask sheets, 
they are like our daily essentials nowadays.

Today's post is about reviewing KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet!

So colorful isn't it!

A little intro about KOCOSTAR
a Korean beauty brand that specializes in masks from your hair to toes 
like a salon treatment in your own home.

KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Series are fruits and vegetables sliced conceptual mask sheet 
which makes them look interesting and different from others. 

Still remember we used to slice up cucumbers or tomatoes or even lemon for facials.
It's more natural in a way yet in your busy schedule, 
you won't have the "America" time to do it.
Now, you don't have to with KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet!!


Helps to hydrates and refresh the skin.


Helps to maintain moisture level with high levels of Vitamin C.


Helps to lighten and brighten skin tone.


Helps to boost radiance while providing moisture to the skin.



Each mask has two sheets with 6 slices on each side with two different sizes. 
You just have to peel it off gently like peeling stickers and 
apply it anywhere you like on your face, neck, chest, arms and legs.
Leave it around 10-20 minutes.


RM 18 per piece

It's my first time getting a slice mask sheet like this where you can 
always mix up different mask slices on your face at the same time 
or any area that you need depending on your skin needs.

Plus the slices are really thin that it won't fall off your face easily 
so you can do whatever you like while waiting. 

At first I thought the slices was in small patch so it would dry out fast, 
yet it was moist even after 20 minutes time.
They adhere onto my skin easily and quickly helps to soothe and nourish my skin!

I believe it's suitable for those who travel a lot and 
wish to get ALL-IN-ONE effect at the same time.
It's really convenient and fun to use!!


KOCOSTAR is available at Sephora Malaysia!
You can get it through HERE!


Want to know more about KOCOSTAR ?

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Facebook: KOCOSTAR Malaysia

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