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KODAWARI MENYA Japanese Udon & Tempura @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Any Japanese Udon Lover here?

I believe you will know the famous Udon in Kagawa, Japan!
Kagawa is famous for delicious Sanuki Udon noodles.
You will find Udon shops almost everywhere in Kagawa.
It's one of their MUST-EAT food when you visit Kagawa in Japan!!

For Japanese noodles, 
I am more into Ramen which is the thinner noodles than Udon.
Yet KODAWARI MENYA has turned me into an Udon-Lover!!

You don't have to travel all the way to Kagawa for its popular Sanuki style of Udon!!
Udon Lovers, 
you can just visit KODAWARI MENYA for its signature Udon!!

First, a little intro about Kodawari Menya
a self-service joint serving a variety of Udon and Tempura.
Their Udon and Soup are imported all the way from Kagawa, Japan 
to ensure its authenticity and taste.

All their outlets are self-service based where customers will have to
first order their Udon set,
add-on tempura or oden and then
make payment,
add-on free condiments and green tea. 
Oh, you also have to return their food tray after dining as it's self-service based.

Menu Board

Tempura Section 

There are varieties of Tempura to choose from!
Those are just samples, they will fried on the spot.

Oden Section

They are also selling hot cooking pot cuisine such as 
Daikon Radish, Black Yam Pudding, Tamago and 
Tube-shaped Fish Cake stewed in soup stock.

FREE Condiments and Green Tea Section

You can help yourself with the drinks and Tempura dip here.
It's refillable!



              1. Teriyaki Chicken Udon

Served with Teriyaki Chicken and Dashi.

Priced at
RM 16.90 (Small)
RM 18.90 (Regular)

             2. Saba Teriyaki Udon

Served with light grilled Saba fish and Dashi broth.

Priced at:
RM 20.90 (Small)
RM 22.90 (Regular)

              3. Toriniku Miso Udon Onsen Tamago (Chicken)

If Udon with soup is not your thing, try this out!
Dry Udon served with Miso minced chicken and half-boiled egg.
What a perfect combination!!

Priced at:
RM 14.90 (Small)
RM 16.90 (Regular)

            4. Fried Seafood Udon

Seafood lover, you can try this out!

Priced at RM 18.90



 How can you not order their Tempura?
Udon and Tempura,
Perfect Combination!!

             1. Kakiage (Mixed Vegetable)

Something special?
Worth trying out!

  Priced at RM 2.50

            2. Ebi (Prawn)

Japanese Deep Fried Shrimp
The Tempura is done so well and it's so tasty!
Can't get enough of this!!

 Priced at RM 4.50

             3. Baby Octopus

Their octopus is highly recommended!!
Very addictive!!!
 Priced at RM 4.50

Can you see how thick and chewy it is?
I am drooling now..

I love the texture of their Udon, 
what I can say, 
firm, elastic, chewy, silky and it tastes just right!! 
Not forgetting their traditional Dashi Broth Soup, 
allowing you to savor Japan's truly superb noodle cuisine!!


 KODAWARI's Brunch Set 
 now only 
RM 11.90!!
Only available at 1 Utama and Mytown branches 
from 10.00am to 5.30pm.

Do check them out for more! 

   Food           : 9/10   
Price           : 8/10
Ambiance   : 9/10
Service        : 8/10
Cleanliness  : 8/10


Address: S347A, Level 2, 1 Utama New Wing
Contact: 03-7610 2593
Operation Hours: 10am-10pm
Instagram: @kodawarimenya

 Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal taste and preferences. 
Dine at your own risk.

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