Sunday, 3 September 2017

CANMAKE Nose Shadow Powder Review

 How to make your nose bridge looks higher in greater definition?

You can always fake it with contouring

Finally got my hands on this popular 
Nose Shadow Powder from CANMAKE!

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It's a shading powder where you can use as a bronzer as well.
It comes with a pretty soft nylon brush.

Love to use this to define my nose and contour my cheek as well. 
It blends in easily on my skin!

When applied, it could enhance your makeup features.
More defined features where you can see the bridge of your nose 
if you apply in the right way.

 Priced at RM 56.90

A combination of a highlighter color and a shading color.
Non-chalky with smooth texture.
It would be better if they have equal portions.

Shading Color:
 The shading powder is quite subtle.
Light brown with matte finish.
Not too dark with a little yellowish undertone. 
It gives a natural look that emphasizes your nose height!

Highlighter Color:
A pearl white containing white pearl and delicate lame particles.
It can be used as a usual highlighter as well!

It contains beauty and moisturizing ingredients such as 
Aloe Vera Leaf extract and Chamomile Flower extract.

It also contains anti-shine powder by absorbing excess sebum.


After applying your base, 
use the brush to apply shading powder 
on the sides of your nose for contouring. 

Start applying at the end of your eyebrows. 
Use your finger to apply highlight powder 
on the middle of your nose 
in a straight line starting from top.


Do check them out for more!

Instagram: @canmake_malaysia

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