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FLEURI Clear Gel Cleanse Review | How To Keep Pores Clean | Importance Of Pore Care

The important basic to healthy skin is to maintain clean pores where daily cleaning and
maintenance is fairly important. We all know dermatology clinic or beauty center can
effectively clear your pores, yet it is costly as a daily expense. With Fleuri, now you can
easily clean your pores at home with one of the best selling cleansing product in Japan!

Check out this Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse that allows you to clean pores even at home!

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse, a cleanser that jointly developed by dermatologists and beauticians
who have solved more than 15,000 females' skin problem. Besides being recognized by the
Japanese Medical Association, its pore-improving effect has been awarded multiple times
by Cosme, Rakuten, lifestyle magazine Poco'ce (Best Beauty Award),
Monde Selection (Grand Gold Award for 5 years in a row).

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse, a cleansing gel that acts as a makeup remover and skincare
at the same time with a watery-feel gel texture. It removes dirt and excess sebum
from the pores, reduces blackheads and whiteheads. It not only cleanses the pores,
it also helps in tightening pores, smoothen skin and improving oily skin.

If you are concerned about visible pores or troubled by pore problems, you may try this out!

Ingredients do matter especially in taking good care of your skin.

Fleuri takes extra care by using only natural plant extracts essence such as Artichoke
Leaves extract, fruit extracts like Lemon, Hawthorn, Red Dates, Lime, Grapefruit,
Apple and Orange to solve pore problems while the Yuzu and Hibiscus Leaves extract
to maintain the skin's protective function and repair skin problems caused by UV rays.

Fleuri also removes unnecessary ingredients from your skin as much as possible  
without adding 12 kinds of harmful ingredients to minimize the burden on skin
and avoid skin irritation which are Oil, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Perfume, Alcohol,
Preservatives, Pigment, Antioxidants, Ultraviolet Absorbant, Petroleum Based Material, 
 Phenoxyethanol, 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid and Old Display Designation Component.

I actually like the idea Fleuri develops their product, not only to protect the skin,
but also at the same time protect the environment by using high degradable
and eco-friendly ingredients. It's not all about inventing a 'number one' cleanser,
Fleuri paid more attention on creating products that are good for skin and nature.

I felt my skin are much smoother and healthier where I can actually feel the cleanliness
of my pores after continuous use. It not only cleanses the pores, but also simply enhance
my skin texture where I can feel the changes on my skin. Gentle on skin and it cleans the
makeup well, the feeling after use is very refreshing. It also works great in purifying pores.
I like how it managed to refine pores and resolve pore problems that makes my skin
becomes even better.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

FORZIERI: LE PARMENTIER Yucca Suede And Leather Shoulder Strap Saddle Bag | The Classic Bag Style You're About To See Everywhere

Going for a stroll with Yucca

These days, saddle bags seem to be the style popping up everywhere. 
The classic saddle silhouette is a practical carry-all that works for all day long. 
The shape pairs well with practically any outfit, making it an essential wardrobe staple.

This is what the latest Le Parmentier bag looks like! I got my Yucca bag in black.

Black and gold is a great colour combo and they look super chic together. 
With the added detail of their signature gold hardware, 
this eyecatching detail will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Closer Look at the Yucca Bag in Black

Yucca Shoulder Bag crafted in smooth genuine Italian calf leather and velvety suede, 
pulls out all the stops with its updated take on the classic saddle silhouette 
that keeps you discreetly organized all the day through to casual nights.

Featuring flap top magnetic snap closure with bold hardware detail, 
adjustable wide shoulder strap, walled zip pocket, and gold tone hardware detail.


I styled an all black ensemble to pair with my Le Parmentier Yucca bag
(Get 20% off with code, ASTHER20).

I'm wearing a black chiffon top (similar here). I’m trying to stay comfy because it’s
been so hot these days in Malaysia! I love wearing chiffon which is soft and comfy to 
wear all day. The breathable lining makes it very lightweight and cool for hot weather. 
 The flowy bat sleeve design and pop of gold statement make it even attractive.

I decided to wear an all-black look so I paired the top with a versatile black midi
skirt (similar here). I added a pair of statement-making circle drop earrings in gold.
Black Chiffon Top (similar here)

Black Midi Skirt (similar here)

Le Parmentier Yucca (Get 20% off with code, ASTHER20)

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Sunday, 3 March 2019

WITHME Signal Metal Prism Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow Review | Korean Dramatic Sparkly Glitter Makeup | Bling Bling Eye Makeup

Shine bright and dazzle with the new 
WithMe Signal Metal Prism Glitter Eyeshadow that shines from every angle!

WithMe Signal Metal Prism, a liquid type, glitter metallic eyeshadow 
in a form that's easy to use and blend just with your fingertip.

It comes with a moist and creamy texture that combines 
shining metal glitter and high glossed pearl with moisture.
Shimmery and pigmented with a glossy and silky finish, 
it also adheres well without fluttering powder.

01 Bella Luna
A mix of moist beige shimmer base and shining large silver pearl.

I like how it shines with moist and adds a warm and sparkling glow to my look!
You may sheer it out for a more natural daily look! 
If you prefer color gradation, apply another layer for more intense color.

05 Manish Brown
A mix of red brown colored shimmer base and gold pearl.


Take an appropriate amount and spread it gently around your eyes.

 Get yours HERE

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Friday, 1 March 2019

VODANA Hair Styling Tools Review | Charis x Vodana Hair Diva Combo | Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron, Soft Bar Flat Iron, Pocket Mini Flat Iron | K-Celebrities Natural Loose Curls | Korean Natural Waves Style Secret

Natural hair waves is getting seriously on trend with Korean celebs rocking their natural loose curls! 
 So what's the secret behind those natural waves?

Now you can style your hair like a celebrity with Vodana!

Vodana, one of the most well known hair tool brand in South Korea. Vodana has been devoted
 in making the best hair tool for the last 20 years and it is recognized as one of the best.

 Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron

 Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron is great in creating
super natural hair waves, especially loose S curls and C curls.

With its efficient advanced heating rod, it heats up fast and maintains the constant 
temperature that enables fast and smooth styling which is perfect for busy mornings.
You may adjust your desired heat temperature from 100°C-200°C.

Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron prevents hair from being flattened or ripped out and minimizes
hair damage. I love how it creates nice bouncy waves and natural hair curls for everyday look.

Available in 36mm and 40mm!

Get yours HERE

 Vodana Soft Bar Flat Iron

Vodana Soft Bar Flat Iron can be used as both straightening and curling.

The soft bar prevents hair getting pressed in between the plate while sealing in moisture and 
hair cuticle. They have flexible heat plates for a smooth pass which allows effortless glide. The 
smooth pass prevents the hair from tugging and breaking which ensures styling comfort and ease.

Get yours HERE

  Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron

that only takes 30 seconds to heat up. This mini flat iron is small enough 
to fit in your pouch where you may bring it wherever you go.

Not to mention, its ceramic coated plate helps to prevent hair damage.
Besides straightening, it can be used to achieve waves and style bangs.
I love to use it to curl my bangs and create C curls at the end of my hair.

Get yours HERE

Vodana Hair Diva Combo

Vodana Hair Diva Combo consists of Glamwave Curling Iron and Pocket Mini Flat Iron.
This combo set also comes with a Charis Mirror, Vodana Freeze (Hair Fixer Spray),
Marshmallows and two World Traveller Adaptors.

Get yours HERE

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Source: @blancandeclare_official | @vodana | @minsshop_jm


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All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely based on my personal experiences and preferences. 
Results may vary on different person.
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