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SISTERTALK Mask Packs Review | GAUZE-BAMBOO Tightening & Perfecting Mask Sheet | TENCEL SKIN Purifying & Protecting Mask Sheet | SUPERFINE FIBRES Soothing & Relaxing Mask Sheet | SISTER TALK

Unlike regular cotton sheet mask, I was so intrigued with this Mask Pack from SisterTalk especially 
 this Gauze-Bamboo Tightening & Perfecting Mask Sheet that calms and relieves bloated face!

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GAUZE-BAMBOO Tightening & Perfecting Mask Sheet

Be Pretty Mask Pack calms swollen face down and soothes reddened facial skin with its 
3 major ingredients: Cornflower (Centaurea Cyanus), Korean Angelica and Bromelain
They are the 3 most effective ways to reduce swelling. Their relieving effects 
have been clinically proven by Korea Dermatology Research Institute.

The sheet is made up of two components with great skin adherence and absorbing power.
The Bamboo-Cellulose layer tightly adheres to your skin while 
the Gauze layer constantly supplies your skin with essence.

With its Moist Cooling System, it supplies your skin with Hyaluronic Acids 
for elasticity and Aqua Capsule Polymers for an added cooling effect.

I like how it relieve bloated face and get rid of the puffiness especially when I didn't get 
enough sleep or when I ate salty food the night before. It also preps your skin so nicely. 
The Gauze-Bamboo Cellulose Sheet helps your skin to absorb better and 
provide enough moisture to coarse skin, leaving soft and elastic skin.


TENCEL SKIN Purifying & Protecting Mask Sheet

Be Pure Mask Pack has a great efficacy of fighting inflammation and pollution of facial skin 
with its natural extract from Camellia Flower which helps prevent contamination of skin.

The sheet is made with Tencel Skin, one of the quality choice in face mask 
application which performs high ability of skin adherence and purification.
Its soft and smooth surface that does not irritate skin makes it usable for sensitive skins.

With its Moist Brightening System and Moist Holding Barrier Reinforcement, it fills in 
moist faster and hold nutrition deeply into skin, leaving naturally purified skin tone.


SUPERFINE FIBRES Soothing & Relaxing Mask Sheet

Be Gorgeous Mask Pack helps in preventing the aging of skin and 
reducing skin troubles with its natural extract from Evening Primrose.

The sheet is made of Superfine Fibre with excellent essence absorbance 
and absorbing speed which helps in moisturizing and calming of skin.

With its Moist Gelling System, it provides soft and continuing moisturization to skin.

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