Saturday 8 September 2018

Millennial Pink Is The World’s Favorite Lipstick Shade And Here's Why It Became The Worldwide Lip Trend

Millennial Pink returns as the world's favourite lipstick shade this year!
Not Red, not Purple or Brown, but Millennial Pink! 

According to the research from YouCam Makeup
this pink shade is officially the hottest lip color globally across the US, UK and Asia.

Millennial Pink is a blush shade darker than baby pink 
but softer than peach and shocking pink. 
It's actually quite similar to Rose Quartz, Pantone's 2016 Color Of The Year.

When it comes to lipsticks, 
I tend to choose rosy and pinky shades as it flatters my skin tone.
The pink hues makes it more flattering and looks good day or evening.

Below, I have listed a few of my favourite pink lipsticks to share with you! 


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